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You are beautiful and I can see it - and hopefully show you this through my photographs - that’s what I love most of my job! I absolutely know how important - and difficult - it is to feel beautiful and confident, even more in an area where your next job, an invitation to an audition depends on only one picture (or two). First of all you'll need natural, authentic portraits where you look like the very best version of yourself and further show what roles you could play, what kind of characters or emotions you're able to transfer through your expression. And when you are having a good time while shooting with me, it will work out just fine, because I want you to feel beautiful, confident and proud of yourself! And I’d love to get to know YOU too and help you getting your next job!

Since I always loved (musical)theatre and music, most of my customers are singers/dancers/actors - to read more please also have a look at my „clients & sentiments“-page. But I also love to work with people who have no experience at all.

I would describe my style as simple, natural and contemporary, but coming from a classical portrait photography. Besides shooting portraits I’m very interested in dance- and theatre photography.
+ Diploma examination at the „Kolleg für Fotografie“ (Graphische BLVA, Vienna)
+ Meisterprüfung (Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark)
book a shoot! I love: 
+ Theater. Romeo & Juliet... *sigh*
+ Music, musicals, piano music,
playing the piano.
+ Cats! Adorable animals!
+ Reading - mostly non-fiction books.
+ Getting to know interesting people
through photography.
Advanced training:
+ JoeyL (commercial lighting)
+ Joe McNally (commercial photography)
+ Felix Rachor (fashion photography)
+ Claire Rosen (fashion photography)
+ Zack Arias (commercial photography)
+ Peter Ellis (wedding photography)
+ David Jay (wedding photography)
+ Calvin Hollywood (photoshop)
Many, many workshops on video
(JoeyL, Lindsay Adler, Sue Bryce, Broooke Shaden, Jasmine Star, Zack Arias, Jeremy Cowart, ...) and reading a lot of books about photography and business!
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